Circle House 
a writers retreat in Latvia

Seven huts of different sizes are gathered around an open fire forming a circle. The circular formation creates a sheltered space between the huts. It is a garden for the residents and the host family to share.

The inner space is closed off from the surrounding wastness, creating an alternative realm, a secret garden.

In order to maximise the poet’s private space every hut has windows facing the field. One roof connects the huts together, creating a private veranda for each hut. Seen from the inside of the garden the windowless side of the huts creates a continuous surface.


There is a play with the inner and outer aspects of the circle. The outer border of it, it’s extrovert part, is organised for privacy and uninturrupted view of the field.

The inside of the ring, it’s introvert part, is an open air shelter which offers a frame for social interactions between the poets.

Collaboration: Erla Ólafsdóttir

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