Salt Circles 

Siglufjörður, a small town in the northern part of Iceland grew from a few hundred inhabitants in the beginning of the 20th century to around ten thousand in just a few decades. The reason being, herring. People from all over the country flocked to Siglufjörður to work. The so called herring girls worked brutal 14-18 hour shifts salting the herring and putting it in barrels. The town's streets and squares were filled with these barrels as the amount of herring exceeded the town's storing capabilities. Hence a giant warehouse was built to store tons upon tons of these barrels. Due to over fishing and changes in the ocean currents the herring disappeared and the town came to a standstill. 


Factories closed down and warehouses were abandoned. 512 is a tribute to this era. As the warehouse has ceased to serve its original purpose it stands as a reminder of a beautiful period in the town's history. I wanted to draw traces of the past within the walls of the warehouse using salt as the medium. 512 is the number of barrels that one herring girl managed to fill with salt and herring in one week. Each circle represents one barrel standing on the floor, each circle different from the next. Collaborator: Lola Guisado

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