The Maritime Center
The Maritime Center in Reykjavík sets out to capture the essence of an area in flux, moving from industry to commercial and residential properties through city development. It does so by tackling the notion of “the other place” through Foucaults concept of heterotopias. Elaborating by repurposing a vacant warehouse in Reykjavík, formerly used for the fishing industry in said area. Addressing the city as an entitity constantly re-coding through construction and deconstruction. The house will become a platform for marine affairs. Linking the old harbour life with new innovative businesses and ideas in the marine industry. The warehouse will open its doors to the city, engaging the public in the increasingly important role of our shared resource while containing the essence of the old harbour.

The design of the house seems consistent with the pragmatic requirements of a warehouse of its time. A grid incorporates all the different dimensions evident in the concrete slabs of the facade and roof, the bearing columns and beams but also in the openings. Both in the form of industrial sized shutter doors,  round windows and 3 skylights letting in daylight.
I use around 90 procent of the original building. I keep the floor, the walls,the existing bearing structure and some of the roof slabs.Replacing the roof cladding to add insulation reveals the concrete slabs holding up the roof. By removing and rearranging  the slabs I create the cuts. In that way the grid of the building serves as a measurement tool allowing me to add or remove material. The interior architecture binds to the existing bearing structure and follows the grid of the house.

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